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American Butcher

LOCAL: Made in Birmingham, AL

The year was 2017 and legendary charcutier, Michael “Sully” Sullivan, was in search of a way to share his passion for producing artisanal salami. He started by perfecting the classics- Finocchiona, Soppressata, and Toscano- using local ingredients and all-natural, humanely raised, heritage breed pork.  

Now working out of a state-of-the-art facility in Birmingham, Sully and his team continue to honor authentic Italian curing techniques, while adding a bit of true "Southern Goodness" to each and every bite.  

All of their products are 100% traceable back to the source and are FREE FROM:

AntibioticsGrowth Promotants, Nitrites, NitratesMSGPhosphates, & Gluten

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