All of the Steele vineyards use sustainably produced minerals like sulfate of potash-evaporated from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Gypsum is applied to the soil and through the irrigation systems to supply much needed calcium and sulfur. Deficit irrigation is practiced on all of the irrigated vineyards to maintain leaf viability while not promoting excessive canopy growth.

Some independent growers for Steele are certified organic like Lolonis; others are organic without being currently certified, like DuPratt. Some growers are experimenting with biodynamic techniques, but at this point none are certified biodynamic. All growers for Steele Wines practice sustainable farming, with special emphasis on water and soil conservation. As agricultural systems go, even conventionally farmed vineyards tend to be low level users of pesticides. Through the introduction of sustainable practices, those levels are reduced even more.

Steele Lake County Merlot

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