Winemaker Notes

Pinot Meunier (MUH-n’yay) is a close relative to Pinot Noir and was identified as such before the 16th century. Based on recent DNA “fingerprinting”, an early Pinot vine and a vine called “Gouais Blanc” are the parents of Pinot Meunier and other varieties, including Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The name “Meunier” is a French word meaning “the miller”. This term is given to Pinot Meunier due to the distinctive, flour-dusted appearance on its leaves. Pinot Meunier is traditionally used to make sparkling wine, however as a still wine it is lighter bodied and very elegant. Pinot Meunier is appreciated for its aromatics, fruitiness, soft tannins and spicy finish. Our Pinot Meunier is matured in neutral oak barrels allowing the true character of the variety to impress.

Amalie Robert Oregon Pinot Meunier 2018

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