Empson Pre-Sale

Unfortunately, we won’t be hosting our annual Empson Pre-Sale wine tasting this year. 

The wines are still wonderful and they are still available.

ETA is late September.

3 bottle minimum per item you would like to purchase.

10% Discount on Full or Mixed Cases.

Call 1-205-980-9995 or email us to place your pre-sale order.

2016  Ca Rome Barolo “Raphet”

Pre-Sale Price: $111.99 ($122.99) 93WA, 92V

2016 Ca Rome Barolo "Vigna Cerretta” 

Pre-Sale Price: $111.99 ($122.99) 93+WA, 90V

2016 Ca Rome Barbaresco “Maria di Brun” 

Pre-Sale Price: $125.99 ($142.99) 94WA, 90V

2016 Conterno Fantino Barolo “Mosconi” 

Pre-Sale Price: $119.99 ($127.99) 97WA, 95V

2016 Conterno Fantino Barolo “Vigna del Gris” 

Pre-Sale Price: $112.99 ($126.99) 97+WA, 93V

2016 Conterno Fantino Barolo “Sori Ginestra” 

Pre-Sale Price: $129.99 ($141.99) 98WA, 94V

2016 Conterno Fantino Barolo Castelletto “Vigna Pressenda” 

Pre-Sale Price: $115.99 ($121.99) 96WA, 94+V

2016 Luigi Einaudi Barolo “Costa Grimaldi”

Pre-Sale Price: $93.99 ($118.99) 94V

2016 Luigi Einaudi Barolo “Cannubi”

Pre-Sale Price: $111.99 ($130.99) 93V

2016 Luigi Einaudi Barolo “Bussia” 

Pre-Sale Price: $106.99 ($126.99) 95V

2016 Marcarini Barolo “La Morra” (NEW)

Pre-Sale Price: $47.99 ($53.99) 93WE

2016 Marcarini Barolo “La Serra”

Pre-Sale Price: $64.99 ($71.99) 95WE

2015 Marcarini Barolo “Brunate”

Pre-Sale Price: $72.99 ($79.99) 96WE, 94JS

​The Vintage Wine Shoppe has a vast selection of wines at all price points. Our inventory and pricing fluctuates.

We will do our best to keep the website up to date, however, the pricing in the store overrides the pricing on the website. If you have questions, please stop by or call us at 1-205-980-9995 and one of our wine professionals will assist you.